bulletLOCATED 25 miles west of the Big Horn Mountains, Worland is a modern western community which offers the "good life" to residents and visitors.  The retail businesses provide a mecca of shopping opportunity.  Outdoor enthusiasts can choose from golfing our highly rated 18-hole course, or searching a geological site for prehistoric plant fossils.   Hunters and fishermen enjoy the area because of the abundant wildlife and fishing opportunities.

bulletEDUCATION: The student/teacher ratio of Worland is 14:1.  K-12 enrollment in the Worland schools numbers 1726.  Worland's school provide excellent educational opportunities, with three elementary, one middle school, and one high school.

bulletCLIMATE: Worland has an annual average temperature of 44.6, with a monthly average in December of 18 and 75 in July.  Average annual rainfall is 7.8 inches; snowfall is 21.1 inches.   Annual average humidity is 50%, with 310 days of sunshine per year.  Worland's elevation is just over 4,000 feet above sea level.

bulletECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: New business development, retention and expansion of existing businesses are the focus of the Washakie Development Association.

People move to Worland because the town offers a strong sense of community with competitive business advantages.  Business activity is based on agriculture, industry, wholesale and retail trades.

Worland has a highly skilled and motivate labor force.  As a result of various industries and government agencies in the area, Washakie County has attracted a large number of well-educated, highly trained, and accomplished people.  If you are looking for a safe and relaxing environment in which your business can prosper, Worland, Wyoming is the town for you!  Contact Debbie Taylor, Executive Director, Washakie Development Association.

bulletTAXES:  Wyoming has NO state or corporate income tax.  The local sales tax is 4%. 1995 assessed county valuation was $54,115,238.00.  Residential property tax is assessed at .9% of market value x mill levy of 76.107.  The county also has a 2% lodging tax.

bulletGOVERNMENT: Worland is the county seat for Washakie County.  The city council consists of nine elected officials and one mayor.  The county board consists of three commissioners elected at large.  Worland has a full-time police department, a trained volunteer fire department, and search and rescue teams.

bulletHEALTH FACILITIES: Located in Worland is a modern 30-bed hospital to serve the needs of area residents.  The facility has a staffed emergency room and physical therapy lab.  Ambulance service is provided by trained EMTs available 24 hours per day.  The Washakie Memorial Hospital is equipped with emergency air-lift service.  Worland also has a private for profit intermediate care nursing facility.

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bulletTRANSPORTATION:  Air accommodations to the area are provided by the Worland Municipal Airport.  A commuter airline service provides flights twice a day to and from Denver, Colorado.  private flight service is also available for lessons and charters.

bulletBusiness service is provided into the Worland from the north and south.

bullet Local shuttle service is provided by the Washakie County Senior Citizen Center bus.

120 North 10th St., Worland, WY 82401
307-347-3226 ~ E-mail: wacc@trib.com

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