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bulletIn 1903, a party of surveyors made their way into the Big Horn Basin area to determine the feasibility of a large irrigation project. At that time, the current site of Worland had a population of less than 100 people. However, the area held promise and plans were started.

bulletBy 1904, the project was in full swing and Camp Worland prospered into a community with a school, church, post office and general store.

bulletIn 1906, with the coming of the railroad, Camp Worland faced a dilemma. Railroad tracks were laid on the east side of the Big Horn River and the encampment was located on the west side. Forced to make a decision about the future of Camp Worland, townspeople decided to move their community across the frozen Big Horn River.

bulletIncorporated in 1906 as the town of Worland, the friendly community continues to prosper and grow.
Main street Worland 1906.  Looking east from the railroad tracks this photo was taken before the fire of 1907

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Looking east from the railroad tracks is this view of Worland's main street before the fire of 1907.

bulletThe proud tradition of Worland is evidence throughout the town today. Heritage and determination continue to drive this friendly, warm and western town into the future.

An overview of early Worland.  Main street, the railroad, and an early ferry crossing at Worland.
A collage of early Worland

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