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Six miles east of Ten Sleep on U.S. Highway 16. Visitors will turn onto WYO 436 and make a gradual climb above magnificent Canyon Creek ~ a canyon the creek has carved through the rocks over millions of year.  


As you begin to climb into the Big Horn Mountains, be sure to stop occasionally and enjoy the beautiful sights around you ~ an array of colors and formations, the green valley floor, iron-rich red bluffs, the badlands, the mountains, streams and meadows of wild flowers.

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bulletThe road passes juniper, sagebrush, beautiful red hills and bluffs, and eventually the Nature Conservancy's Ten Sleep Preserve. The Preserve as acquired from the Girl Scouts of America in the spring of 1991. The 10,000+ acre tract ranges from 5,000 to 8,500 feet in elevation and consists of high sagebrush, wildflower meadows, steep ravines, sheer cliffs up to 700 feet tall, forests of pine, and many species of wildlife.


bulletViolet-blue flowers called Cary's penstemon, a rare and threatened wildflower, grow better on the 10,000 acres than almost anywhere.  Mule deer, mountain lions, a variety of birds of prey like bald and golden eagles and merlins, Marriam's shrews, black bear, elk, beaver, and the rare spotted bat, as well as other wildlife live in the preserve's canyons.  They are worth the watching.

bulletThe Tensleep Preserve is a spectacular example of the wildness and diversity of Wyoming.   The heart of this protected natural area is a 12 mile stretch of Canyon Creek, carving adeep canyon through the southwestern flanks of the Big Horn Mountains.  A rugged collection of canyons, uplands and forests, the Preserve is home to eight plant communities, and over 120 bird species.

bulletAncient pictographs and Indian gathering sites reveal a long history of people and the land.  The ecological richness that first attracted early American peoples to this site continues to attract visitors as The Nature Conservancy manages this preserve for both people and the environment.

bulletFor a visit call the preserve to plan your visit before you arrive.  From mid-April to mid-December, contact: Tensleep Preserve, HC-30, Box 101, Ten Sleep, WY 82442, 307-347-2671.  During the winter months, contact: Wyoming Chapter, 258 Main Street, Suite 200, Lander, WY 82520, 307-332-2971.


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