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Cloud Peak Scenic
(U.S. Hwy. 16) the
most beautiful,
scenic, safe and
fun route over the
Big Horn Mountains
Ten Sleep Canyon

Learn more about Cloud Peak and the Cloud Peak Wilderness below.
Use the links above to explore the peaks, forest, lakes, streams, and sites of interest from the top of Cloud Peak Scenic Byway to the mountain of Ten Sleep Canyon.

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bulletThe Cloud Peak Wilderness Area is located in the Big Horn National Forest of north-central Wyoming. Stretching along the backbone of the Big Horn Mountain range, the wilderness area encompasses 189,000 acres.

bulletThe majority of the wilderness area is 9,000 feet above sea level.  The highest point is Cloud Peak at 13,175 feet.

bulletInhabiting the wilderness area are black bear, elk, moose and mule deer, as well as mountain lion.

bulletThere are many loop trails in the wilderness area, ranging from an afternoon hike to combination trails of a week or better.  To learn more visit the Worland-Ten Sleep Visitor's Council Hiking Section.

bulletThe Cloud Peak Wilderness Area and the Big Horn Mountains are both an outdoor paradise and recreational wonderland.

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